Beam Studio 1.1.2

1. Fixed problem sometime default machine could not enter preview mode.
2. Fixed problem when importing SVG file whose unit is not “ x ” , unit would not be wrong.
1. Added Check for Update: Menubar > Help > Check for Update: Check if there is any available updates. You can set auto checking and target version in preferences.
2. Added Preferences > Editor > Bitmap Image Quality: Setting image downsampling when editing for operation speed, when exporting task Beam Studio will always use original quality.
3. Added when importing SVG file by layers, enabling setting layer parameter by layer name. For example, parameter of layer named “OOXX#S10P50” will be set to speed: 10 mm/s and power 50%.
4. Added Menubar > Edit > Layer > Color Settings: Set default parameters for colors when importing svg by color.
5. Added pop up warning for over sized dxf files.
1. Changed error hint when importing SVG and exporting task.
2. Changed Network Testing panel “ Local Ip address” to “Local IP address”.
3. When importing dxf files, objects in the same layer will be grouped.  

Beam Studio 1.1.1

1. Fixed problem when exporting, Retrieve Image Data would not stop.
2. Fixed problem when editing flipped image, image would be flipped back. 
3. Fixed problem when disassembling <use> tag elements, other elements referring the same symbol would disappear.
4. Fixed the language and parameter of default configuration would not follow selected languages and selected machine.
5 . Fixed problem when importing dxf files, the x value would not align to the origin.
1 . Added Menubar > File > Open Recent: Opening recent used bvg files.
2. Added Menubar > File > Export to: Exporting current scene to svg, png, jpg and flux task file.
3. Added Dialog when leaving current work without saving.
1. Titlebar will show current file title.
2. Changed Toolbar > “ Import ” to “ Open ” ,  “ Save Scene ” to “ Save ”.  
3. Changed first engraving example file cutting layer speed to 5 mm/s.
4. Changed method of image trace after camera previewing, using image vectorization.
5. Changed default parameter for beamo when cutting 5mm materials.
6. Changed Toolbar > Edit > Offest to Toolbar > Edit > Object > Offset