Beam Studio 1.1.5

1. Fixed problem when import sag by layer, some element won’t be cut.
2. Fixed problem that could not find some machine when exporting.
3. Fixed object panel blocking problems.
1 . Added object panel for group, multi select.
2. Added top menu click feedback.
3. Added element sensor area.
4. Added titlebar > Edit > Path > Decompose Discrete Path: Decompose path to multi pathes.

Craft your Christmas Gift with beamo, DIY Christmas gifts in simple Steps

Jingle bells ring!

This holiday season, why not make your own gifts! With beamo, you can make unique Christmas gifts in a few simple steps for your family and friends.

Ingredient You Need:

Following Steps:

Step one: select the image you want to engrave on the gift

Step two: make sure beamo and Beam Studio are connected

While using Beam Studio, push the camera icon to connect to beamo’s WiFi.

Make sure beamo and Beam Studio using the same WiFi network.

Step three: place the image at the right position by using built-in camera in beamo

Once the beamo and Beam Studio connected, you can use the camera to view your working area.

By adjusting the image on Beam Studio, you can easily place the image at the right position of the item.

Step four: select the speed and power to craft your gift

There is a panel that you can choose a suitable speed and power based on different materials.

Step five: push START and your gift will be done




Beam Studio 1.1.3

1. Fixed bug when converting text to path.
2. Fixed speed warning not showing problem when exporting rectangle, polygon.
3. Fixed [object object] error when camera calibrating.
4. Fixed style not applying problem when importing svg by no layer.
5. Fixed problem that Titlebar > View Borderless Mode would be turn off after restarting Beam Studio.
6. Fixed problem when scaling rotated elements in group, rotation information would miss.
7. Fixed scaling number in camera calibration are not displayed correctly.
8. Fixed problem would cut contour when engraving filled objects.
1. After borderless mode camera calibration, turn on Titlebar > View > Borderless Mode automatically
2. Changed step number when camera calibrating.