Beam Studio 1.0.10


1. Infilled Path Elements will not raise speed alert anymore.

2. Fixed displacement  for certain fonts (e.g. Avenir LT Std).

3. Fixed problem that first click would not response during camera previewing.

4. Fixed displacement problem when flipping.

5. Fixed pop-up alert when fail connecting to machine during firmware update.


1 . Added compatibility warning when exporting svg and dxf files

2 .Added menubar > Edit > Image > Curve: Using curve to adjust color setting of images


1. Laser Parameter Management Panel: Able to rearrange parameters, customize parameter list and edit custom parameters now.

Laser Project Ideas



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Beam Studio 1.0.9


1 . Fixed camera preview would not match the result of camera calibration.


1 . Toolbar > Preference > Workarea Clipping: When turned on, machine will not cut the content outside the work area.