Beambox Firmware 3.2.4


  1. Fixed frequently fail to detect machine in Beam Studio


  1. Added show water temperature and water flow in the top right corner of screen during engraving/cutting
  2. Added human readable unit (L/min) for test flow speed
  3. Added detection of door open, water temperature and bottom open before start of engraving/cutting
  4. Added error code #904 and QR code redirecting to Help Center for motor homing error
  5. Added Air-assist Switch in Hardware Settings
    • WARNING: Disabling air-assist system may cause flaming combustion. Must only turn it off for special purpose


  1. Changed restriction of laser power threshold for beamo model only
    • If 2%~16% laser power is set for beamo, it will be forced to 17% automatically
    • No laser power threshold for Beambox/Beambox Pro

Beambox Firmware 3.2.3


  1. Fixed laser cutting not emitting light after engraving in some cases
  2. Fixed failing to resume after pause


  1. Added support for Beam Air auto On/Off with USB cable
  2. Added 17% power threshold, any power setting lower than 17% will be forced to 17%
    • NOTE: The power rate on the LCD panel still apply under 17%
    • NOTE: After 3.2.4, this threshold will be restricted to Beamo model only
  3. Added origin-relocate feature, allow to adjust file origin position on machine
  4. Added German into supported languages
  5. Added closing pump and restricting ventilator power during working of Diode laser
  6. Added non-volatile setting of motor direction for Beamo model

Beambox Firmware 3.2.1

1. Removed unexpected pause when using beamo rotary.
2. Fixed sometimes LCD panel could not be waken up.

1. Added remote support button in network page.
2. Support faster gradient engraving (with Beam Studio 1.2.2 or later).

1. Change “Trace” button to “App” button.