Beam Studio 1.0.8


1. Fixed Fan speed would not be set back after camera calibration.

2. Fixed unexpected pop up warning when selecting machine.

3. Fixed unexpected pop up warning when exporting no-shading images.


1 .Keep work area size when exporting big files.

Beam Studio 1.0.7


1. Fixed checkboxes in menubar would not show check mark  correctly.

2. Fixed objects wound not return to original layer when ungrouped.


1. Added Menubar > Edit > Image > Vectorize: Convert image object in grouped svg objects.

2. Added rotate and resize function when multi-selecting

3. Added Menubar > Edit > Align To Edges: In Pen mode, automatically align to points of other objects when enabled.

5 . Added Menubar > View > Borderless Mode: In camera preview mode, using the parameters from borderless calibration when enabled.

6. Added Popup warning when cutting speed of layers containing path object is faster than 20 mm/s.


1. Reduce the distance between each picture of camera preview mode.

2. Reduce the fan power calibrating camera.

3. Show whether using borderless mode during preview.

Beam Studio 1.0.6


1. Fixed icons of flip functions

2. Fixed the device menu will close with popup waring when export

3. Fixed loading problem when imported SVG contains image linked.

4. Fixed Nan issue while camera calibration.

5. Fixed certain fonts would become default font when convert to path when using windows os.


1. Added Menubar > view submenu containing show layer color, show grids…

2. Added zoom in/out button at top tool bar.

3. Added camera calibration(borderless)

4. Added Menubar > Edit > Disassemble SVG, disassemble SVG to group object.

Beam Studio 1.0.5


1. Fixed boolean operation for rounded corner rectangles.

2. Fixed cutting position drift for some imported SVG file.

3. Fixed camera preview drift after camera calibration.


1. Added Test Network in machine info page.

2. Added hint for manual camera calibration.

Beam Studio 1.0.4


1. Fixed certain DXF files can not be imported.

2. Fixed 2 point line will automatically close.


1. Add Toolbar->Edit->Image: Sharpen,Crop,Color Invert. Available when selecting single image.

2. Add Toolbar->Edit->Document Settings: Setting cutting mode for current file.

3. Add Toolbar->Machine->Test network setting: Test network connection between computer and machine.

4. Add layer color selector.

5. Rectangles, ellipses, circles, polygons and closed paths are now fillable.

6. Add cutting parameters for rubber, glass, metal black and white engraving.


1. Change material testing suite slightly.

2. Increase material testing suit cutting speed.