1. Fixed problem when exporting, Retrieve Image Data would not stop.
2. Fixed problem when editing flipped image, image would be flipped back. 
3. Fixed problem when disassembling <use> tag elements, other elements referring the same symbol would disappear.
4. Fixed the language and parameter of default configuration would not follow selected languages and selected machine.
5 . Fixed problem when importing dxf files, the x value would not align to the origin.
1 . Added Menubar > File > Open Recent: Opening recent used bvg files.
2. Added Menubar > File > Export to: Exporting current scene to svg, png, jpg and flux task file.
3. Added Dialog when leaving current work without saving.
1. Titlebar will show current file title.
2. Changed Toolbar > “ Import ” to “ Open ” ,  “ Save Scene ” to “ Save ”.  
3. Changed first engraving example file cutting layer speed to 5 mm/s.
4. Changed method of image trace after camera previewing, using image vectorization.
5. Changed default parameter for beamo when cutting 5mm materials.
6. Changed Toolbar > Edit > Offest to Toolbar > Edit > Object > Offset