Beam Studio 1.4.4

1. Fixed parsing bugs certain SVG files.
2. Fixed Beam Studio could not read local data sometimes.
1. Added warning for IP starts with 169.254 when testing network and setting device connection.
1. Changed import SVG by layer, optimizing and fixing some issues.
2. Changed open bottom add-on to Disabled when work area is not “beamo”.

Beam Studio 1.4.2

1. Fixed Windows x86 connection related issues.
2. Fixed camera preview bugs after aborting rotary task.
3. Fixed vertical text related bugs.
4. Fixed font “Harlow Solid” display.
1. Added Preference > Connection Automatically select the onlly machine: Select the only machine when only one machine available. (default On)
2. Added operation system version warning.
3. Added warning when tracing shading images.
4. Added laser preset select “Import” option.
1. Changed error text when device authentication error.
2. Changed power of diode calibration task.
3. Changed behavior of path and node edit.
4. Changed warning window when sending task with excessive power.

Beambox Firmware 3.2.4


  1. Fixed frequently fail to detect machine in Beam Studio


  1. Added show water temperature and water flow in the top right corner of screen during engraving/cutting
  2. Added human readable unit (L/min) for test flow speed
  3. Added detection of door open, water temperature and bottom open before start of engraving/cutting
  4. Added error code #904 and QR code redirecting to Help Center for motor homing error
  5. Added Air-assist Switch in Hardware Settings
    • WARNING: Disabling air-assist system may cause flaming combustion. Must only turn it off for special purpose


  1. Changed restriction of laser power threshold for beamo model only
    • If 2%~16% laser power is set for beamo, it will be forced to 17% automatically
    • No laser power threshold for Beambox/Beambox Pro

Beambox Firmware 3.2.3


  1. Fixed laser cutting not emitting light after engraving in some cases
  2. Fixed failing to resume after pause


  1. Added support for Beam Air auto On/Off with USB cable
  2. Added 17% power threshold, any power setting lower than 17% will be forced to 17%
    • NOTE: The power rate on the LCD panel still apply under 17%
    • NOTE: After 3.2.4, this threshold will be restricted to Beamo model only
  3. Added origin-relocate feature, allow to adjust file origin position on machine
  4. Added German into supported languages
  5. Added closing pump and restricting ventilator power during working of Diode laser
  6. Added non-volatile setting of motor direction for Beamo model

Beam Studio 1.4.1

1. Fixed bugs that causing finding machine failed.
2. Fixed the text cursor would not disappear after resizing or rotating text.
3. Fixed direction key shortcuts behaviors.
4. Fixed presets management page related bugs.
1. Added preview for layer dragging.
1. Changed “Beamo Wood 3mm Cutting Preset” to power: 45%, speed: 5mm/s.
2. Changed click sersory region calculaiton.

Beam Studio 1.4.0

1. Fixed unnecessary save file dialog when saving existing file.
2. Fixed wrong SVG version warning when importing AI / PDF files.
3. Fixed camera calibration retry button failed to resend cutting task.
4. Fixed that Beam Studio stucked at loading screen when starting.
5. Fixed that menu would not close when click on submenu item in Windows.
6. Fixed bitmap color was not same as layer setting.
7. Fixed camera preview image bugs after change workarea size.
8. Fixed imported WEBP bitmap images were not able to edit.
9. Fixed imported SVG files would not trigger speed alert for vector.
10. Fixed bug when importing SVG after clearing scene.
1. Added current version in update notification text content.
2. Added Germany.
3. Added “Preference” > “Editor” > “Continuous”: Drawing selected shapes until changing mode.
4. Added start tutorial and new interface introduction.
5. Added task reloacte feature. Beambox Firmware 3.2.4+ needed.
6. Added “Preference” > “Editor” > “Default Font”: Set default font for texts.
7. Added “Skip” and “Cancel” button in network setting page.
8. Added previewing boundary when hybrid-laser add-on enabled, avoiding collision.
9. Added TCP discovering method.
10. Added left tool panel shortcuts.
11. Added “Export” in laser preset dropdown.
12. Added DPI values for resolution in document setting.
13. Added Error codes.
14. Added progress bar when disassembling SVG.
15. Added hint when creating polygons.
16. Added repear and z step setting in laser parameter management panel.
1. Changed UI.
2. Changed color and opacity for rotary line.
3. Changed presets, replacing monochronical / shading engraving preset when engraving preset.
4. Changed scrolling zooming behavior.
5. Changed multiselecting displaying.
6. Changed DXF parsing method, optimizing loading speed of DXF files.
7. Changed default image shading to “on”.
8. Removed horizontal stripe calibration in “Preference”. Horizontal stripes can be fixed by changing driver IC.
9. Changed threshold slightly for shading images.
10. Changed SVG loading process, optimizing loading time for path with numerous nodes.
11. Changed certain add-ons, which workarea model does not support, to disabled. 當工作範圍機型不支援時,將自動對焦模組與混合雷射模組改為無法啟用。
12. Changed menubar layout, move “About Beam Studio” and “Switch Version” to “Help” menu for Windows system.
13. When exporting or previewing with no machine available, pop up alert directly.
14. Changed polygon increase / decrease side behaviors.
15. Changed “Preference” group names:
Engraving => Rastering (Scanning),
Path => Vector (Outlines),
Text to Path Group => Text
16. Changed “Preference” setting names:
Notification => Desktop Notification,
Fast Engraving => Speed Optimization
Constrain Export Speed => Speed Limit (20mm/s)

Beam Studio 1.3.4

1. Fixed Error when quitting Beam Studio.
1. Added new resolution “Ultra High” in document setting.
1. Update imported dxf and svg files display when zooming.
2. Changed connecting settings pages.
3. Removed speed warning when engraving gradient image.