Beam Studio 1.1.0

1. Fixed problem when reading certain files, reading progress would not stop.
2. Fixed displayed beamo work area did not match actual beamo work area.
3. Fixed Edit > Image > Invert Color would fail when applying to large images.
4. Edit Image Panel layout bug.
5. Laser Parameter Management Panel: power would not show correctly.
6. Fixed some path objects would disappear after editing.
7. Fixed object panel would exceed window size when stretching.
8. Fixed exporting files with dash would crush.
1. Added Line tool at left panel
2. Preference Text to Path Optimization, solving that loading font overtime problems.
3. Toolbar > Edit > Offset: Generation path based on the contours of selecting objects, now supporting rectangles, ellipses, paths and polygons.
4. Showing object size immediately when creating or resizing objects.