FLUX Store Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

At FLUX, we have high expectations for the possibilities of cryptocurrency.  In the past two years, cryptocurrency has proved its benefit in the market. Though some might disagree, we still believe that there are a number of altcoins that possess unique and outstanding values. We aim to provide safer and user-oriented payment methods, therefore FLUX will become one of the not-so-many companies that take cryptocurrencies and be on the cutting edge of technology.

FLUX Store now accepts 5 cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, BCC, DASH, ETH), you can use them to purchase FLUX products, including the FLUX Delta+,  and all kinds of filament and accessories on our store. With these products, you can make amazing things.

Let us get started!

FLUX Delta Family Warranty Policy Announcement

[ FLUX Delta Family Warranty Policy ]

Hello FLUX Delta and FLUX Delta+ users!

After busy months of production and shipping of our new product, FLUX Delta+, our community is growing stronger and more people are enjoying the fun of digital creation.
To provide better customer support, we will update the FLUX Delta warranty policy, the new policy will be effective in one week (2017/5/5).


[ FLUX Delta warranty policy revision]

The road for FLUX Delta was quite bumpy at first, thanks to the continued support from all the FLUX Delta users, we found solutions to the issues together. Though the process wasn’t easy, the team managed to provide RMA service without any charge and the free upgrade kit campaign, which will end on May 5th as well.
To strive for better quality of our customer service, the team will start to enforce the warranty policy. We will charge repair costs and shipping fees for RMA service if the warranty of the product has expired.
The warraty starts from the date of delivery to the end-user purchaser.

For warranty periods of FLUX Delta products and modules, please see the chart below:


Product Warranty Period
FLUX Delta 9 months
FLUX Delta Printing Toolhead 3 months
FLUX Delta Laser Module 9 months
FLUX Delta Holder Module 9 months


[ FLUX Delta+ Warranty Policy ]

Howdy newcomers! We’ve been shipping out FLUX Delta+ orders and receiving some great feedbacks from users. Although some users are still waiting for a second shipment for the modules, don’t worry, the warranty starts from the date of delivery. Within a month after delivery, FLUX Inc. will pay the shipping cost for RMA service. Subsequently, during the warranty period, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.

For warranty periods of FLUX Delta+ products and modules, please see the chart below:

Product Warranty Period
FLUX Delta+ 1 year
FLUX Delta+ Printing Toolhead 6 months
FLUX Delta+ Laser Module 1 year
FLUX Delta+ Holder Module 1 year
FLUX Delta+ Blade Module 1 year


Feel free to submit a request to our support staff if you have any questions regarding the warranty policy. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Happy creating!