Beam Studio 1.2.2

1. Short cut for undo was out of work sometimes.
2. Error: Unable to load SVG data when loading some bvg files.
3. Bugs when loading jpeg files containing exif rotation flag
1. Edit > Optimize > Arrangement: Arrange select element to the right and top, apply on all elements when not selecting.
1. Changed power of camera calibration task to 18%
2. Changed auto update checking, only searching for same channel (beta or latest), add button to switch between channels. 

Create with Eco-Friendly Materials that Help Saves Our Planet

An inspiring message on a leather purse. A personalized totem on a special-made patent. A loving message marked on a family picture frame. The value of customized gifts goes beyond the object itself, for it carries the designer’s unique belief, blessing, and love. In a society that’s all about consumption and quick turn-around, such gifts are timeless.

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Beam Studio 1.2.0

1. Some bitmap would be executed 2 times unexpectedly.
2. Stroke width would scale with element.
3. Some bug when exporting task.
4. Bitmap in some svg would be at wrong place when imported.
1. Added Japanese version.
2. “Skip This Version” Option in update pop up.
3. Shortcut for group, ungroup: Ctrl(⌘) + G, ctrl(⌘) + Shift + G.
4. Machines > {Your Machine} > Calibrate Diode Module: Measuring offset value of diode module.
5. Showing work area of diode module in layers set using diode.
6. When doing camera calibration, move camera by clicking arrows on the picture.
7. Support pasting image in your clipboard.
1. Support svg files which include <text>. When exporting task, text will be temporarily converted to path. If there is any unsupported character, a pop up will show up to ask if you want to substitute the font.
2. Changed “Enable borderless mode” ,  “Enable autofocus module” , “Enable diode module” and “Change work area” to Edit > Document Settings. Default document settings can be set at Preferences. If autofocus module is enabled, each layer can be set to adjust focus or not. If using focus adjustment, layer will use height, otherwise, layer will use current height (manual adjusted height or last layer height).