Beam Studio 1.4.4

1. Fixed parsing bugs certain SVG files.
2. Fixed Beam Studio could not read local data sometimes.
1. Added warning for IP starts with 169.254 when testing network and setting device connection.
1. Changed import SVG by layer, optimizing and fixing some issues.
2. Changed open bottom add-on to Disabled when work area is not “beamo”.

Beam Studio 1.4.2

1. Fixed Windows x86 connection related issues.
2. Fixed camera preview bugs after aborting rotary task.
3. Fixed vertical text related bugs.
4. Fixed font “Harlow Solid” display.
1. Added Preference > Connection Automatically select the onlly machine: Select the only machine when only one machine available. (default On)
2. Added operation system version warning.
3. Added warning when tracing shading images.
4. Added laser preset select “Import” option.
1. Changed error text when device authentication error.
2. Changed power of diode calibration task.
3. Changed behavior of path and node edit.
4. Changed warning window when sending task with excessive power.