FLUX Delta Family Firmware 1.6.40

– Configurable machine radius, for better geometric correction(With FLUX Studio 0.7.5)
– Configurable movement tests, users are now able to disable the feature(With FLUX Studio 0.7.5)

– Upgrade Kit Extrusion Issue
– Partial Binding Issue
– Partial Operation Error Issue

– Retract 40mm when task aborted by user
– Movement tests is disable by default for FLUX Delta original

FLUX Studio 0.7.4

Bug Fixes
– Fixed: Import button malfunctioning in laser interface / draw interface
– Fixed: Message display of “Machine Commands / Run Auto Leveling”
– Fixed: Message display of “Machine Commands / Run Auto Leveling with Clean Data”
– Fixed: Dialog infinity loop when using “Machine Commands / Turn on Scanning Laser”
– Fixed: Not displaying dashboard when establishing first connection to machines without password
– Fixed: Default machine / Tutorial won’t force you to connect with FLUX USB Cable.
– Fixed: Message display of failing to connect specific SSID
– Fixed: Assigning default support pattern / infill pattern when switching slicing engine


– Slic3r / Cura / Cura2 default parameters

FLUX Studio 0.7.2

New Features

– Separate Cura2 settings from Slic3r mapping, but Cura 15.04 stays the same.
– Added settings ( under preference > device ) for upgrade kits and status-changing postback url for IFTTT.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Cura2 in Windows / Ubuntu.
– Fixed connection settings bug.
– Fixed abnormal ws disconnect behavior.
– Fixed progress window is blocking when slice error happened ( blocking error message ) under certain condition.
– Fixed bottom left progress bar overflow problem.
– Fixed the issue of svg being imported as bitmap sometimes.
– Fixed sometimes-missing start, stop button in the Dashboard.


– Allow more characters to be used in AP mode / password.
– Move reset config into Preferences.
– More dedicate settings for different quality / model profiles.

Other Improvements

– Improved default machine searching behavior.
– Code-signed to FLUX USB Cable Driver to pass Windows security policy.
– Removed unnecessary windows files.
– Global error handler for more consistent error message display.

FLUX Delta Upgrade Kit Shipping Soon!

Good news, FLUX Delta users! The upgrade kit is almost ready to be shipped to your door! It was indeed a busy month for the team, first the launch of FLUX Delta+, followed by the upgrade kit and so on. We couldn’t have come this far without the support from our users! We’ve done numerous tests and re-designs on the upgrade kit, and now our suppliers are working at full speed to get the upgrade kits all packed up.

If you have finished the quests, please login to your FLUX ID account, you will see your personal coupon codes on the Upgrade Kit page. As many Taiwan customers asked, we also provide the option for coupon codes priced with NTD valid on our new Taiwan online store.


We’d like to update you with some slight changes made to the upgrade kit:

(1) The shipping will start on March 17. The content of the upgrade kit is diverse and quite complex, we have to make sure that our suppliers could meet our standard and provide only the best. We apologize for the long wait, however, the durability tests and quality controls are indispensable.

(2) The all new designed metal base plate will not be included in the upgrade kit. Our supplier was struggling to fulfill our order and the quality wasn’t satisfying, the metal base plate will not fit on some FLUX Delta. We had to withdraw the metal base plate from the upgrade kit. We offer a 10 USD coupon to make it up to you, you can use the coupon to purchase an original metal base plate or other accessories on our online store.


That’s it for now, thank you for reading the update! Just a few more things: the FLUX printing toolhead 2017 and the original metal base plate are now available on our updated FLUX filament & accessory store. The price of FLUX Delta PLA has also been decreased to 16 USD. Go to our online store and shop now!



The FLUX team