Have you ever thought that New Year’s elements can be combined with laser engraving?

2020 is coming. Are you ready to get rid of the old stuff?

To celebrate 2020 Lunar New Year, FLUX has created four exquisite, high-quality window paper cuttings for FLUXers to refresh the house decoration.

This year, let’s make it happen!

Material: Red Linen Paper

Thickness: 0.15mm

There are four types of paper cutting decorations, each of which has its unique meaning for Lunar New Year.
1. spring

Celebrate the spring is coming!

Laser-cutting time: 10~15 minute

2. happiness

Best wishes for 2020!

Laser-cutting time: 20~25 minute

3. blessing

A good blessing for the family in 2020!

Laser-cutting time: 10~15 minute

4. fortune

Look forward to a big fortune in 2020!

Laser-cutting time: 10~15 minute

Useful Tips For “Vectorize” Laser Carving

You can select the “Vectorize” function in Beam Studio to modify the carving paths, and it will greatly reduce the engraving time.

Follow these three simple tips and start carving:
  1. Place the file to the working area and click the image
  2. Click “Edit”-> “Image”-> “Vectorize” in the upper left corner of the software
  3. Turn off the button of “Infill” 


It is easy to make a paper cutting of window decoration with FLUX laser cutter and Beam Studio. 

Take advantage of the New Year holidays to refresh your house!


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