It’s time to customize a gift box using your FLUX laser cutter. Don’t know how to design a 3D box?

Don’t worry – with Beam Studio and free online resources, you can make your own gift box in 5 easy steps.

The idea is simple: you’ll design the box by selecting preset options, import the file to Beam Studio, and your FLUX laser cutter will help you create a box that’s uniquely yours.

STEP 1:Go to Makercase.


You can use the “select language” list to set your language preferences.

STEP 2:Select the design you like. 

In this tutorial, we picked the basic box option.

  1.   Units setting:Choose inch or millimeter (mm)
  2. Set the length, width, and height.
  3.   Measure the thickness of the material you will be using and fill in the value.
  4.   Select with or without the lid.
  5.   Select the type of edge joints.
  6.   Set the finger size.

STEP 3:Download and import the file.

  1.   Click “Download Box Plans”, adjust the settings and download the file. (Both SVG and DXF file works in Beam Studio)
  2. Open Beam studio and import the file.

STEP 4:Start printing!

  1.   Place the material in your FLUX laser cutter (beamoBeambox or Beambox Pro)
  2.   Use the focus bar to set the focus. If you’re not sure how, please visit our Support Center 
  3.   Use Camera Preview to make sure the design is aligned. 
  4. Set the parameters and click “GO”, your personalized box is just minutes away!

STEP 5: Put it together

Turn the collection of box pieces into an actual gift box by putting the pieces together.


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