New Features

– Separate Cura2 settings from Slic3r mapping, but Cura 15.04 stays the same.
– Added settings ( under preference > device ) for upgrade kits and status-changing postback url for IFTTT.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Cura2 in Windows / Ubuntu.
– Fixed connection settings bug.
– Fixed abnormal ws disconnect behavior.
– Fixed progress window is blocking when slice error happened ( blocking error message ) under certain condition.
– Fixed bottom left progress bar overflow problem.
– Fixed the issue of svg being imported as bitmap sometimes.
– Fixed sometimes-missing start, stop button in the Dashboard.


– Allow more characters to be used in AP mode / password.
– Move reset config into Preferences.
– More dedicate settings for different quality / model profiles.

Other Improvements

– Improved default machine searching behavior.
– Code-signed to FLUX USB Cable Driver to pass Windows security policy.
– Removed unnecessary windows files.
– Global error handler for more consistent error message display.