Critical Update! the settings which is under 0.9.0 version will not be inherited.


– Now can delete file via a button in Dashboard
– Now can delete custom material preset via a button in Load Config
– Auto install USB driver when FLUX Studio installation. (windows version)
– Now can uninstall FLUX Studio in Apps & features at Apps. (windows version)


– Sometimes will not extruding properly filament after using autoload filament.
– That is going to popup Toolhead not detected when using autoload filament without
   connect properly.
– FLUX Studio is going to crash if long pushed button on the FLUX when autoloading
– FLUX Studio is going to freeze if using “View Frame” function with float number at
   object height in engrave.
– FLUX Studio is going to freeze if cannot found any machine when printing tutorial.
– Sometimes Slicing Engine will auto set to Slic3r cause advanced parameters error occurred
   after changing language.
– That is going to popup notification if VC++ 2015 is not installed. (windows version)
– Sometimes camera will not properly following the object in PRINT page.
– Calibration function of ENGRAVE doesn’t work properly.
– That still display success connected if is actually WIFI setting fail.
– Cannot bind/unbind machine via USB cable.
– Sometimes cannot reconnect machine when has been disconnected.
– Sometimes is going to freezing at 5% when slicing engine is CURA. (windows verison)
– Sometimes FLUX Studio will freeze when into SCAN page.


– Change default slicer engine to CURA2.
– Remove movement testing in printing tutorial.
– Change calibration image of ENGRAVE which is added use instruction.
– Change description, from “New machine” to “Machine setup”.
– Improve USB stability.