FLUX Studio 0.7.0 Change log

New Features

– Supports direct USB connection for FLUX Delta+ and Upgrade Kits
– Supports HD camera for FLUX Delta+ and Upgrade Kits
– Supports CuraEngine 2.4 ( You can disable it by setting cura2 = 0 )
– Parameter “xy_size_compensation” now works with CuraEngine 2.4, which might alter the size of your printing results.
– Allows changing filaments in pausing state
– Allows changing toolhead temperature in pausing state
– Device list will now indicate the type of connection
– Supports switching machine profile for Delta+
– Adds scale inputs in object properties dialog
– Adds a snapshot button in camera monitoring interface
– Adds a height offset parameter to engraving interface
– Adds a built-in calibration image in laser advanced-settings
– The new default skirt will circle the work area

Bug Fixes

– Fixed the software being unable to cancel load filament in the tutorial
– Fixed “changing filaments, updating firmware” features for machines in completed / aborted status
– Fixed displaying the button for removing laser background
– Fixed object border not being synced after resize or duplicating in printing interface
– Fixed task thumbnails scaling ratio
– Fixed the masking of out-ranged engraving image
– Fixed raft interface printing temperature is too high
– Fixed the power setting for bitmap engraving, now it’s working


– New default printing parameters
– Rename all “device” and “Delta” into “machine” and “the machine”
– Move configuration reset button into preferences interface
– Display device model name in Machine Info

Other Improvements

– Adds new tutorial guiding images for FLUX Delta+ / Upgrade Kits