Diode Laser Add-on


This diode laser add-on is designed specifically for beamo, and it allows FLUX beamo to become multifunctional.

  • Can directly engraving stainless steel | Engraving on the stainless steel directly without using stainless steel spray.
  • Switch laser sources easily|Simply switching to the right laser for a wide variety of materials.

Laser Specs|5 W
Dimensions |42.8mm x 53.45mm x 80mm
Weight​        |270 g
Work Area  |After installation, the diode laser work area is 230mm x 200 mm, The CO2 Laser work area will be reduced to 250mm x 200 mm


Contents    |Diode Laser Module*1、Focus Block*1、Orange acrylic lid*1、Black sticker*1、Module Alignment Plate (for non-autofocus users)

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