beamo Rotary Add-on


Specially designed for beamo.

After installing beamo Rotary Add-on, you can easily complete the engraving of cylindrical surfaces such as wine bottles, wine glasses,
and vacuum flasks.

You can adjust the diameter at will and put in various materials.
Add-on size        |615 x 445 x 60 mm
Add-on weight   |8.7 kg
Package size      |710 x 540 x 180 mm
Package weight |9 kg
Engraving range|Cylinder with diameter between 6 – 10 cm (with laser extension rod* rear engraving range between 0.8 – 10 cm)

Content list|beamo Rotary Add-on main body*1, connecting cable*1.
Applicable models|beamo

Tutorial video (click link)

*Note: Please choose 「Apply the “Laser Extension Rod” 」
if you’re intending to engrave small cylindrical objects such as a pen. (The Laser Extension Rod is not originally included).

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