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Shopping FAQ
Pre Order Campaign
1. What is the difference between the basic and deluxe package?
With the deluxe package, you get all the features shown on the product page: 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser engraving, vinyl cutting and drawing. The basic package includes 3D printing and scanning.
2. What are the differences between super early bird, early bird, and late bird prices?
Super early bird offers $300 off the retail price, early bird $200 off and late bird $100 off. The prices are limited. You can save even more with the Share the Love promo!
3. I am a FLUX Delta user. Do I get extra discounts if I buy FLUX Delta+?
Of course! FLUX Delta users get an extra $100 FLUX Friend discount after importing their FLUX Delta order to their FLUX ID account. The discount will be applied to your account 1 month after the delivery.
4. How long will this campaign last?
This is a 45 days pre-order campaign starting from 2/7.
5. What if I want to make large purchases for schools/companies?
This pre-order is designated for single purchases. If you have special purchase request(s), please email [email protected]. Our support staff will contact you shortly.
Payment and Delivery
1. What payment methods do you offer?
You can choose to pay with PayPal or credit card.
2. What are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs vary by location. The shipping cost is displayed on the checkout page before you complete your order.
3. Will there be customs and taxes?
The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please click on this link for reference; however, please note that this is an unofficial estimate.
Customs clearance procedures may cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.
4. What is FLUX ID?
FLUX ID is the account you can use to manage your orders and monitor your referral progress. You can create an account prior to or after purchase. Please sign upnow
FLUX Delta+ Product FAQ
1. What is the main difference between FLUX Delta+ and other 3D printers?
FLUX Delta+ is more than a 3D printer: it is also a laser engraver, vinyl cutter and so much more. Some 3D printers on the market are basically DIY kits, making you responsible for the design and quality of their product. In contrast, our expert team of artists and engineers designed and tested FLUX Delta+ so that you can start using the machine right out of the box.
2. What is the main difference between FLUX Delta+ and FLUX Delta?
FLUX Delta+ is the new and improved version of the FLUX Delta. FLUX Delta+ optimizes the core features of the FLUX Delta and boasts new functions. The FLUX Delta+ features enhanced stability and performance, among other improvements, making it a true consumer product.
For detailed product information, please go to FLUX Delta Product.
3. I don’t know how to do 3D modeling. Can I still use FLUX Delta+?
Of course! FLUX Studio makes 3D modeling relatively easy to learn and incredibly fun to do. There are also abundant resources online, including 3D modeling communities (i.e., Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory), that provide ready-to-go files for 3D printing. Moreover, FLUX Delta+’s other features, such as laser engraving and vinyl cutting, use based on 2D files that most people are already familiar with, so don’t worry!
4. I’m new to all this, what if I have some questions?
You can easily find answers to the most common questions on our improved Help Center, which we update regularly. You can also contact our customer support online and our support team will be more than happy to help you.,
5. I’m a developer. Where can I find FLUX SDK and source codes?
We invite developers to visit our GitHub and FLUX SDK Documentationpages.
6. What is the warranty policy?
For the machine, vinyl cutter, laser engraver and pen holder, we offer a one-year warranty, and 6 months for the print module.
3D Printing
1. What is the biggest size that FLUX Delta+ can print?
The work area is 17 D x 21 H cm (6.6”D x 8.2” H).
2. What filaments can FLUX Delta+ print with? How about flexible materials?
You can print with PLA and PLA-based filaments. You can print with flexible materials as well. However, if the material is very soft, you might need to slow down the printing speed.
3. Do I have to use the FLUX-brand PLA?
After thorough quality testing, we’d advise you to use our PLA. You can use other standard 1.75mm PLA as well, but the long-term quality is not guaranteed.
In addition, using 3rd party filaments will void the warranty of the print module.
Laser Engraving
1. What materials can the engraver engrave on?
We recommend engraving on wood, cork, leather, or cardboard. The engraver may burn the surface of plastics. The module cannot engrave on metals, but can engrave on dark anode surfaces or paint.
2. Laser engraving sounds dangerous. What safety precautions should I take?
The power of the engraver module is quite low (200mW), and it was designed with various safety measures. Nevertheless, we recommend wearing safety goggles when working with the laser engraver.
3. Can the engraver cut?
Yes, but only through thin paper or balsa wood. We recommend engraving on the material first then cutting it with other tools.
Vinyl Cutting
1. Can the vinyl cutter cut paper?
Yes. Place a piece of paper flat on the slightly sticky surface of the cutting pad that comes with the cutter to ensure that the paper cuts smoothly.
2. Can I make colored stickers?
Yes! Print out colored designs on A4 cutting paper, edit the outline using software of your choice, and import the file to FLUX Studio. The vinyl cutter will cut out the sticker automatically.
3. Where is the blade? Do I have to be extra careful with the cutter module?
The base of the blade is secured with a magnet inside the cutter module. You can remove the blade using the provided allen key. Although it is unlikely you will get hurt, since the blade itself is not exceptionally sharp and it is held securely in place, we do recommend you take extra precautions when handling the blade.
3D Scannng (Experimental)
1. What is the accuracy for 3D scanning? Can I make exact copies of objects?
The accuracy is 2 - 3 mm. The scanning results are strongly related to lighting, but even under ideal lighting conditions it difficult to scan an exact copy of the original in every detail. Further editing is often needed.
2. What kind of objects are not suitable for scanning?
If the scan lasers can’t form fine, straight lines on the object, the scanning results will be poor. So furry, transparent acrylic and metal objects are not suitable for scanning.
1. Is FLUX Studio free?
Yes, it is totally free. You’re more than welcome to download it even before receiving your FLUX Delta+. We’d love to hear your feedback!
2. What files does FLUX Studio support for different features?
Please see Specifications for detailed information.
3. Can I import G-code?
Yes, once you import G-codes to FLUX Studio, the software will convert the file to F-code, which is better for Wi-Fi transmission. Exclusive FLUX Delta+ behavior will be added in the path files.