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3D SCANNING (Experimental)
FLUX Delta+
The Opening of a New Era of Digital Creation
Exclusive Pre-Order
1.8 Millions Sold
FLUX Delta+ Digital Crafter
A Truly Multi-Functional Personal 3D Printer

Starting with 3D printing, FLUX Delta+ integrates various digital fabrication methods, taking creation to a whole new level. We used everything we learned from the experience of designing and manufacturing FLUX Delta in creating the brand new FLUX Delta+. Among other notable changes, the stability and durability have been remarkably improved.

We are serious when it comes to a consumer product in this new technology field. Not only it should be precisely assembled, its performance and related support service should also reach the standards set by mature electronics products.


3D SCANNING (Experimental)

FLUX Delta+ Improve 1
Filament Sensor
The printing task pauses automatically when the sensor detects the lack of filament. This lets you change material at the right time to prevent any waste.
Remote Extruding System
Reduces the weight of the 3D printing toolhead, boosting the work efficiency and agility.
Strengthened Arm Design
The new mechanism increases the extruder force by 50%, supporting flexible material and faster printing speed.
FLUX Delta+ Improve 2
3-Axis Moving System
Hybrid stepping motors with patented toolhead belts for precision in all kinds of functions.
Strong Magnetic Joint
Change different toolheads easily with these durable and firm rare-earth nickel-plated magnets.
Upgraded Driver Core
Industrial-leveled linear bearings with hard-chrome-plated and heat-hardened metal rods for increased durability.
FLUX Delta+ Improve 3
Higher Monitoring Spec
The new camera module increases the average monitoring height by 50%.
Upgraded Wi-Fi Performance
The new Wi-Fi module and antenna enhance the connection performance and stability by 50%.
Brand-New Appearance
The fingerprint-free, ceramic-like coating gives FLUX Delta+ a delicate look.
FLUX Delta+ is the perfect 3D printer for beginners. Our eco-friendly and safe PLA enables everyone to safely enjoy the fun of 3D printing within a budget. The FLUX engineering team also has developed many intelligent and convenient features, which are very helpful under various circumstances.
  • Automatic calibration
  • Multi-color layered printing
  • Mobile wireless monitoring
  • Smart error detection
FLUX Delta+ offers excellent printing performance at a reasonable price. It caters to the needs of designers, developers, teachers, and new-tech lovers.
  • Model making
  • Design proofing
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Daily-life creation
FLUX Delta+
3D Printing Toolhead

The 3D printing toolhead is just like the CPU of a 3D printer. It is the most important feature of the design. The all-newly designed printing toolhead and Delta Firmware 2.0, both specially tailored to FLUX Delta+ have undergone numerous tests to ensure the stability and accuracy during every printing task.

FLUX Delta+ Printing Toolhead

Gyro error detection
There is a motion sensor equipped on the circuit board of the printing toolhead. When it detects any error, it will stop the printing task automatically.

Triple fan cooling system
Strong fans use specially designed wind channels to chill the printing toolhead to ensure efficient printing.

Metal beehive bottom design
The newly designed metal bottom cap and rubber surrounding the nozzle achieve high durability for the printing toolhead.

The Most Intuitive
3D Printing Experience
The magnetic print plate that comes with your FLUX Delta+ is truly a state of the art. Attach it to the metal base plate before printing. After the printing task is finished, you could simply “tear” the prints off. This ultimate accessory was created exclusively for the FLUX Delta family.
Feel the allure of laser engraving. Once you start laser marking pictures or texts on the objects around you, you won’t be able to stop! Safety always comes first; the FLUX Delta+ laser engraving toolhead operates at 200 mW, suitable for desktop use.
  • Short focal length
  • Smart error detection
  • Shading mode (gray scale)
  • Supports bitmap and vector images
It is all about the text and picture details when it comes to the fine performance of FLUX Delta+'s laser engraving. Engrave on wood, leather, and more.
  • Artistic crafts
  • Food art
  • Advertisement design
  • Gift making
  • Souvenir making
  • Personalized accessories
Meet the latest toolhead of the FLUX Delta family – vinyl cutting! By combining the blade module equipped with a tungsten steel blade and the holder module, you will get the vinyl cutting toolhead. With the unique structural design, it provides high working precision and makes changing blades extremely simple.
  • Adjustable blade height design
  • Automatic correction
  • Hexagonal magnetic cutting pad
  • 2,000M blade lifespan
Stick anything, anywhere! With the vinyl cutting toolhead, you can make your own stickers and stencils. Expand the possibilities of handicraft by combining vinyl cutting and screen printing, glass etching, and spray painting.
  • Sticker making
  • Screen printing
  • Glass etching
  • Spray painting
When the holder module is not equipped with a laser module or blade module, it becomes a drawing toolhead. Experience the fun of digital crafting by attaching any writing instrument you like to the holder module with a push of a button. FLUX Delta+ makes flawless reproductions of the vector images on your computer.
The FLUX Delta family accommodates the changing needs of developers with an extension port and open-sourced documents, FLUX SDK. An open-sourced design means even more possibilities for digital creation on your FLUX Delta / FLUX Delta+. With a custom module and precise commands, it is possible to turn it into a coffee machine or Pac-Man.
3D SCANNING (Experimental)
FLUX Delta+'s 3D scanning enables users to digitize small objects and clay models into bits for sharing or further editing. Although the function is still in the experimental phase, the software will continue to improve the conversion performance with the implementation of the MeshLab algorithm in the near future.
FLUX Studio
FLUX Studio
FLUX Studio is the highly integrated software designed for the FLUX Delta family. Its intuitive user interface allows you to easily access all features of FLUX Delta+. You can also bind your FLUX Delta+ with FLUX Cloud and turn your mobile phone into a portable FLUX dashboard using Wi-Fi.

FLUX Delta User Story
  • The best thing about FLUX is our user community. FLUX Delta users have organically built close relationships, discussing their user experience and sharing cool projects. We proudly present some their stories about the awesome projects they have created with their FLUX Delta. We hope to someday see your own work among them!
FLUX Delta+
Dimensions 57.2 H x 30.8 x L 26.7 W cm (22.5" x 12.1" x 10.5")
Weight 6.2kg
Power AC 90 - 240 V ; 50 / 60Hz
I/O USB Drive / Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Operation System macOS / Windows / Linux
Camera HD CMOS Sensor, 1280x720
Monitoring Height depends on objects, up to 18 cm (7.1")
Storage 8 GB internal storage
CPU Spec ARM 700Mhz CPU
Work Area17 D x 21 H cm (6.6" D x 8.2" H)
X / Y Resolution0.02mm
Layer Height0.05 - 0.3mm
Nozzle Size0.4mm
Material1.75mm PLA
File FormatSTL / OBJ
Max Traveling Speed200mm/s
Max Printing Speed120mm/s
Work Area17-cm diameter (6.6" D)
Max Power200mW
Wavelength405nm InGaN
File FormatJPG / PNG / SVG
MateralWood / Leather
Work Area17-cm diameter (6.6" D)
Blade Shank Diameter2mm
Blade Angel45°
File FormatSVG
MaterialVinyl / Paper
Work Area17-cm diameter (6.6" D)
Pen Diameter8 - 18mm
Pen Length90 - 200mm
File FormatSVG
3D SCANNING (Experimental)
Work Area14 D x 8.5 H cm (5.5" D x 3.3" H)
Point Accuracy1 - 2mm
Laser Power1mW
Triangle60 - 100K
File FormatSTL / PCD / XYZ

FLUX Delta+ Product FAQ
1. What is the main difference between FLUX Delta+ and other 3D printers?
FLUX Delta+ is more than a 3D printer: it is also a laser engraver, vinyl cutter and so much more. Some 3D printers on the market are basically DIY kits, making you responsible for the design and quality of their product. In contrast, our expert team of artists and engineers designed and tested FLUX Delta+ so that you can start using the machine right out of the box.
2. What is the main difference between FLUX Delta+ and FLUX Delta?
FLUX Delta+ is the new and improved version of the FLUX Delta. FLUX Delta+ optimizes the core features of the FLUX Delta and boasts new functions. The FLUX Delta+ features enhanced stability and performance, among other improvements, making it a true consumer product.
For detailed product information, please go to FLUX Delta Product.
3. I don’t know how to do 3D modeling. Can I still use FLUX Delta+?
Of course! FLUX Studio makes 3D modeling relatively easy to learn and incredibly fun to do. There are also abundant resources online, including 3D modeling communities (i.e., Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory), that provide ready-to-go files for 3D printing. Moreover, FLUX Delta+’s other features, such as laser engraving and vinyl cutting, use based on 2D files that most people are already familiar with, so don’t worry!
4. I’m new to all this, what if I have some questions?
You can easily find answers to the most common questions on our improved Help Center, which we update regularly. You can also contact our customer support online and our support team will be more than happy to help you.,
5. I’m a developer. Where can I find FLUX SDK and source codes?
We invite developers to visit our GitHub and FLUX SDK Documentationpages.
6. What is the warranty policy?
For the machine, vinyl cutter, laser engraver and pen holder, we offer a one-year warranty, and 6 months for the print module.
3D Printing
1. What is the biggest size that FLUX Delta+ can print?
The work area is 17 D x 21 H cm (6.6”D x 8.2” H).
2. What filaments can FLUX Delta+ print with? How about flexible materials?
You can print with PLA and PLA-based filaments. You can print with flexible materials as well. However, if the material is very soft, you might need to slow down the printing speed.
3. Do I have to use the FLUX-brand PLA?
After thorough quality testing, we’d advise you to use our PLA. You can use other standard 1.75mm PLA as well, but the long-term quality is not guaranteed.
In addition, using 3rd party filaments will void the warranty of the print module.
Laser Engraving
1. What materials can the engraver engrave on?
We recommend engraving on wood, cork, leather, or cardboard. The engraver may burn the surface of plastics. The module cannot engrave on metals, but can engrave on dark anode surfaces or paint.
2. Laser engraving sounds dangerous. What safety precautions should I take?
The power of the engraver module is quite low (200mW), and it was designed with various safety measures. Nevertheless, we recommend wearing safety goggles when working with the laser engraver.
3. Can the engraver cut?
Yes, but only through thin paper or balsa wood. We recommend engraving on the material first then cutting it with other tools.
Vinyl Cutting
1. Can the vinyl cutter cut paper?
Yes. Place a piece of paper flat on the slightly sticky surface of the cutting pad that comes with the cutter to ensure that the paper cuts smoothly.
2. Can I make colored stickers?
Yes! Print out colored designs on A4 cutting paper, edit the outline using software of your choice, and import the file to FLUX Studio. The vinyl cutter will cut out the sticker automatically.
3. Where is the blade? Do I have to be extra careful with the cutter module?
The base of the blade is secured with a magnet inside the cutter module. You can remove the blade using the provided allen key. Although it is unlikely you will get hurt, since the blade itself is not exceptionally sharp and it is held securely in place, we do recommend you take extra precautions when handling the blade.
3D Scannng (Experimental)
1. What is the accuracy for 3D scanning? Can I make exact copies of objects?
The accuracy is 2 - 3 mm. The scanning results are strongly related to lighting, but even under ideal lighting conditions it difficult to scan an exact copy of the original in every detail. Further editing is often needed.
2. What kind of objects are not suitable for scanning?
If the scan lasers can’t form fine, straight lines on the object, the scanning results will be poor. So furry, transparent acrylic and metal objects are not suitable for scanning.
1. Is FLUX Studio free?
Yes, it is totally free. You’re more than welcome to download it even before receiving your FLUX Delta+. We’d love to hear your feedback!
2. What files does FLUX Studio support for different features?
Please see Specifications for detailed information.
3. Can I import G-code?
Yes, once you import G-codes to FLUX Studio, the software will convert the file to F-code, which is better for Wi-Fi transmission. Exclusive FLUX Delta+ behavior will be added in the path files.